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Freisa d'Asti DOC

Freisa d'Asti DOC - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

September 2016: Freisa d'Asti 2015 Is ready.

Freisa is genetically a close relative of Nebbiolo, but it is more rustic and very durable. The garnet red colour, its typical raspberry aroma, tannin that is perceived in the mouth, leaving a pleasant bitter aftertaste make it unique and nicely suited to accompany rich dishes of sauce, the lamb and even the cheese not too seasoned.

Serve at 18-20 ° C.

Freisa d'Asti 2011 (almost sold out) 

A dry sparkling red wine, Italian peculiaritiy, very fruity. Light and fragrant. Perfect for a summer dinner. Ideal with appetizers, fresh cheeses, salads. It also served with dessert.

Serve at 14 ° C.

The new Freisa d'Asti

The new Freisa d'Asti - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

The newly born Freisa d'Asti is ready to be tasted and aged in your cellar


Map - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Hills and estates

Hills and estates - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Vineyards and farms are the essential elements of the landscape between Langa and Monferrato bordering the Unesco site

The roots of the future

The roots of the future - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Antique engraving. Staying almost a symbol of the house.

Agriculture and nature

Agriculture and nature - Saracco Vineyards and Wines

Hare in the vineyards